Thursday, 5 August 2021

V/A - SF Underground EP 1979

First release by Subterranean Records and this nice EP came with a foldover sleeve and lyric insert, 2000 copies. Subterranean and fellow punk/alt/underground San Francisco label Alternative Tentacles both sprang forth from the D.I.Y. punk movement in 1979, and were quite successful on college and community radio stations in the US. These labels helped define the San Francisco punk movement. Subterranean was the more avant garde of the two. While originally just focused on documenting and promoting the SF area, over the years Subterranean has released records by artists from many areas and genres, this a little label backinfo. For your ears: four solid numbers, something for every taste.

1.Johnny Got His Gun - NO ALTERNATIVE
2.Earthworm - FLIPPER
3.Asexuality In The 80's - THE TOOLS
4.Ballad Of Pincushion Smith - VKTMS

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