Sunday, August 15, 2021

V/A - Now In Session 1982

A wonderfully summer day is coming to an end and I'm about to have a date with a charming woman now and what could be more pleasant than posting a real rarity and first of all my warmest thx to the ripper (which is unknown to me). Now In Session was published on Downtown Radio and this compilation is being offered on discogs for almost €1200, to be honest, this seller have a hole in the head because this slab doesn't have the attributes for an expensive record, I mean, there are records that might deserve such an offer, but here I find it a little exaggerated. - The recordings on this album are unique and I know the music-loving hordes among you can't longer wait to listen to this rare stuff, almost all of them did at least one single and are rather modest in their appearance in the underground world. It's also not a 100% punk record, but anyone who only expects such things on wdthtc can lick my ass anyway.

1.Proramme Love - THE OUTCASTS
2.Teenage Love Song - P45
3.Lady Of The Night - SWEET SAVAGE
4.Too Good To Talk To - SPLITTIN' IMAGE
5.Total Control - RICHMOND HILL
6.I Wonder Why - PROTEX
7.That's What Friends Are For - THE MOONDOGS
8.No Return - PSYCHO
9.Crackin' Up - SAIGON
10.Poisen Noise - PERFECT CRIME

- Fuckin' Great Thx to Nolti -

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