Friday, 30 July 2021

SINIESTRO TOTAL - Siniestro Total II (El Regreso) 1983

Second album by Siniestro Total from Vigo, recorded in October 1983 and released via DRO in November of that same year. Twenty-one mostly punk-heavy songs, with more versatility of the instruments which provide a lot more variety, and with the typical short show interludes the four keep the level consistently high and that you are welcome is shown by the sympathetic guy, Bob Hope, on the front cover, who greets you with a glass of milk. As with the first album, they still went from seriote politicking full of clichés and demagogies and were covered with grace, silly humor and Ramonian influence in parody and social satire. There is nothing wrong with the album, the music is crisp, the artwork is worth seeing, and twenty-one songs in good thirty-five minutes are promising. I think the weekend can start with that and what comes next will definitely keep the level in this theater or do you doubt it?

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