Thursday, 10 June 2021

TÜCHEL - Eat Shit EP 1995

A trip to the southern Alpine region on a date with Tüchel, a combo from St.Gallen and the five doing their Punk'N'Roll thing since 1993 and have numerous tapes, vinyl and CD releases as well as articles for compilations and radio shows published all over the world. This is their debut EP on Boin-n-g! Records and was recorded by Huldi (vocals), Hüe & Aldo (guitars), Roy (bass) and Sascha (drums). This Cracker offers four fat extraordinary stomper which I'm not used to from this country and I'm positively impressed, the five do an excellent job. Due to numerous good reviews, another five hundred copies of the single were pressed soon. The newly inflamed interest in punk naturally contributed to the most successful section in the history of Tüchel. Many line-up changes have accumulated in their lifespan, but they celebrate their no-frills, explosive sound with the same passion as they did a quarter of a century ago. Trend-free and hand-knotted and they are far from the end.

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