Sunday, 16 May 2021

HARVEST - Fashion Parade 7'' 1980

Wanted-List goodie now and this is the extremely rare single by Harvest from Glasgow on Secular Records and was featured on John Peel show Feb 1981 and was performed live on Scottish Television (STV) same year on Sunday evening show. Certainly not pressed in a large edition and therefore very much sought by many record collectors and If you search for any infos/pics about the band on the web you will find: nothing! Even I wouldn't be able to hear any of the both songs from their Fashion Parade if they weren't on the list. The a-side is a cozy poppy powerpop piece which electrifies immediately and the guitar sounds like an insect that wants to mate, while the flip is clearly the winner, a catchy mid-tempo number with a tasty dose of punk ala KBD style. A fantastic record in every way, and Harvest has been honored on two unofficial CD-R compilations, should anyone have them, I'll be happy to take them and post it here. Enjoy the music and stay tuned!

- Great Thx to Bristolboy -

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