Wednesday, 7 April 2021

VOLKSWIDERSTAND - 1991... Noch Ist Zeit!

Thirty years ago, five gentlemen from Hamburg had the idea of recording an album with German punk classics, so I think "Aha, that could be interesting", and Volkswiderstand do it pretty well with steam and power on their only full length via We Bite Records. The musicians in charge were Edde & Matze (vocals), Rob & Ulf (guitars), Sven (bass), Carsten (drums) and their selection pimps the 'dusty' nuggets and shortly after the reunification it didn’t hurt to convey the feelings of the early days again. Most of the originals can also be found in this theater with a bit of searching. Three years later followed the Junge EP and then the band broke up. They were honored on four compilations and what remains: a furious, powerful, timeless and very good sound document has the band left for us, shoots me straight back to my younger days...

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