Sunday, 7 March 2021

URLAUB IM ROLLSTUHL - Seveso Kids 1987

One slab that changed hands many many years ago is the following one by U=IxR, a four piece which were founded 1983 in Bad Neuenahr by Hans-Jürgen (vocals), Jim-Bob (guitars), Michael (bass), Björn (drums) and Urlaub Im Rollstuhl released two records through Junk Yard Label (I think their own) and their sound can be described as typical "DeutschPunk" but sometimes they speed up to a hardcore style, faster than the average german punk. The record was published in a hand-numbered edition, but don't ask me how many, I guess 1000 copies were pressed. Also represented on numerous, mostly tape compilations, Beethovens Rache is one on vinyl with only bands from the Bonn area. Fazit: Seveso Kids is a good debut with sixteen solid songs that taste like a barbecue with good friends, enjoy!

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