Wednesday, 24 February 2021

V/A - Times Still Here EP 2002

Buckle up people, now comes a cool little round unique item, a useful Portuguese Straight Edge compilation from Best Times Records with six bands and it gets fast, loud and noisy. I can't tell you much about the bands but that makes the great insert that has all the information ready, band members, lyrics and liner notes from the makers. Absolute hardcore slab that blows out nine attacks in fifteen minutes. I think, I bought the EP on a record fair many years ago, on the one hand because of the cool cover, on the other I was interested in SE sound from Portugal, I don't often find stuff from this country. I would say, it was worth it. Enjoy!

1.I'll Be With You - DAY OF THE DEAD
2.Invincible Upon The Pedestal - DAY OF THE DEAD
3.Girls Are Not Weak - THROUGH THESE EYES
4.The Real Judas Syndrome - NEW WINDS
5.Mad Rats - MAD RATS
6.You've Killed! - MAD RATS
7.Never Let It Slow - FIGHT FOR CHANGE
8.White, Red And Blue - TIME X
9.Once And For All - TIME X

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