Monday, 22 February 2021

GÖTEBORG SOUND - Rik Man, Fattig Man 7'' 1978

One more tonight and a visit to Gothenburg is always worthwhile because some very good punk bands from the early years are at home here. For example: Göteborg Sound. They consists of Lars-Olof (vocals), Björn & Dennis (guitars), Ulf (bass), Janne (drums) and they have five 7inches plus an album out. This is their second one, released via their own label GBG Records with three different covers, 300 copies each and with two goodies. I first got to know them with the Björn Borg single, which I sucked many years ago at kbdrecords and was immediately enthusiastic, a fantastic cracker that has everything a punk song should have, unfortunately is this record miles away from it. But that is secondary, the five have really recorded very good music and the compilation from 2019 on Bengans with all their slabs proves this impressively (slumbering on my hard drive as well and will surely come at some point). Also represented on great compis, two of that Bloodstains Across Sweden #3 and Back To Front Vol.2 are also worth hearing. And with that, an exhausting Monday comes to an end, now I need my beauty sleep. Chrrr......

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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