Saturday, 21 November 2020

V/A - 499 2139 1979

Oh, here again and I have a fantastic PowerPop compilation with mostly local bands from the U.K. in my luggage. Released via The Rocket Record Company, this is another nice example of an interesting record with solid tracks by short-lived unknown combos and a pleasant listening, in my opinion to the fourteen, is guaranteed. A slab that is not much valued and I think, you can get it for little money everywhere, that's a small perk so the mint fools ignore an excellent piece of wax, the artwork is simple but with useful liner notes on the insert. I didn't know any of the bands, bought them because of the low price and the release year and I'm not disappointed. Should you see the slab, buy it and enjoy fourteen lost refreshing nuggets from talented bands that deserve your full attention! That's it really for today, Soccer is due in about two hours, today versus RB Leipzig: not easy but I hope, it will be interesting and an exciting match with three points at the end. I'll see you tomorrow!

1.Sure Fire - THE ACT
3.Audio Audio - THE CLASSICS
4.Kicking Up A Fuss - MALCOLM PRACTICE
5.Carscape - ESCALATORS
6.King's New Clothes - THE VYE
7.Feelin' Hard - WOLFBOYS!!
9.Tricky Girls - WARDENS
10.Distant Drums - THE BRICK WALL BAND
11.Career Girls - LES ELITE
12.Green Glass Green - REAFER
13.Alice In Wonderland - SINISTER
14.Skip The Beat - THE ACT

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