Sunday, 18 October 2020

ATONAL - Keller Party Anti Pop (Demos '88) 2016

Now damn cool Punkrock from the Ex-GDR, Atonal from Freiberg, active from 1986 to 1998. They began under the name "Taktlos" and gave their first concerts in the hot days of 1987 in the context of the Berlin "Kirchentag Von Unten". In the same year the band was banned and renamed itself to Atonal, which even received official permission to play through "Classification", but they gave a shit about it and wrote still political and socially critical texts, so they were temporarily banned from playing gigs in the GDR (Fuck The System!). This trendy record was released/compiled in a collaboration of Hörsturzproduktion/Elb-Power Records in an edition of 300 copies and has fourteen raw recordings of the combo at the start. The band consisted of Liesel (vocals), Oberleder (guitars), Ian (bass), Henne (drums) and they made one album, a 7Inch + a few tapes and represented on some compilations. Even today, Atonal still give concerts every now and then. So this is an important audio document I think, from a time when it was not easy to represent his position, with lyric-sheet and bandinfo. Classic D-Punk!

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