Saturday, 1 August 2020

YOUTH BRIGADE - Sound & Fury 1983

Now a masterpiece, the sun is gone and it seems rain is coming soon. Youth Brigade is an L.A. institution of awesome Punk music and established in 1980 and going strong ever since! Formed as a trio by brothers Shawn (vocals/guitar), Adam (bass) and Mark Stern (drums) in 1980, the band subsequently founded the great BYO (Better Youth Organization) label and they released five studio albums (counting one released as The Brigade), of which the last was released in 1996. Almost each album was recorded with the original lineup of the Stern brothers; bassist Bob Gnarly replaced Adam in 1985 during the recording of The Dividing Line, which was released as the Brigade. Adam returned in 1991 (when the band reunited) and contributed to the band's 1992 Come Again EP and their next two albums (Happy Hour & To Sell The Truth) before leaving once again in 2007. Youth Brigade continues to tour to this day, although, other than six new tracks on the 1999 split album BYO Split Series Volume II, they have not released a full-length studio album since To Sell The Truth in 1996. Youth Brigade's first and most influential album is the classic Sound & Fury record. Thirteen blasts, including tracks "We'll Sink With California" and "What Will The Revolution Change?", the latter being an introspective critique about the punk movement itself. Two very different versions of this album exist, with the rare first edition containing many different songs from the second edition. The first edition is now available on CD and is entitled "Out Of Print". Represented on relevant compilations, a few I have and coming soon.

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