Sunday, May 24, 2020

LA PESTILENCIA - La Muerte... Un Compromiso De Todos 1989

A really fantastic album is the debut album of this band and I'm not really a connoisseur of South American punk, few bands come from there and you don't even get records quick in the next record store, my focus is more in Europe or Oceania, much more was produced in Brazil by excellent bands. But what the four gentlemen, Dilson (vocals), Francisco (guitar), Héctor (bass) and Jorge (drums), deliver here is worth all honors, eighteen splendid tracks as I'm used to from this continent; catchy, squeezed, fast and an outstanding singer. Packed in an elaborate artwork and via Mort-Discos released. On the back stands "limited edition" but I don't know how many... anyway... a bit wiki-info about them: La Pestilencia were founded 1986 in the capital Bogotá by Héctor and Dilson, the latter being the only permanent member of the group since its inception. The group is recognised as Colombia's first punk band and have been acclaimed for their influence on Colombia's alternative music scene, with critics noting Díaz's lyrics concerning social injustice, the violence perpetrated during Colombia's civil war, political corruption, the influence of foreign governments, and environmental concerns. To date they made six albums and the band is apparently still active.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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  1. An excellent band from my country, its really surprising to discover blogs talking about la pestilencia, gratz!