Thursday, 21 May 2020

DEMON - The Plague 1983

Another fresh rip by a record which I grew up with, the third album by Demon from Leek, Staffordshire and this fantastic plague with eight brilliant rock goodies was recorded by Dave (vocals), Mal & Les (guitars), Chris (bass) and John (drums). Before I delight you with useless information from wiki, I will give you a short review"The Plague" and its emotional and gripping songs are just one of many examples and if one or the other of you have actually overlooked it, now would be the perfect time to fill this "gap"...I can't express it better!"The band were signed by Mike Stone's Clay Records in 1980 and licensed to Carrere Records to join their stable of metal bands. Their debut album, Night Of The Demon, was released in 1981. After their 1982 follow-up album, The Unexpected Guest, the band experimented beyond the NWOBHM sound and moved the band in a more melodic direction whilst still retaining the more traditional heavy metal black magic lyrical style. In 1983, Demon took a change in direction. The Plague marked a swing towards a more progressive sound, adding the keyboards of session musician Andy Richards to the album's sound. Lyrically the band also changed direction, switching to a more overtly political style that was to characterise their albums for the rest of their career. The following album, Pink Floyd influenced British Standard Approved (1984), released on the small independent Clay label, was not a huge commercial success, and with the death of Mal Spooner later that year, it appeared that the band would soon fold. At this point, the band had recruited a permanent keyboard player and co-songwriter in Steven Watts." A really good album with varied songs and critical lyrics that I always enjoy listening to and the plague is more topical than ever... and all in 320kBit/s

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