Thursday, 2 April 2020

GOTLANDS TEATER - Rockpojken 7'' 1982

This record was released with two different covers by Noon Records. What we have here is pretty cool exotic music and I like these two songs. Rockpojken was called a show in large part to motivate the inmates to read books. According to Anders T Peedu, who held the show, had done prison studies that showed up to 95% of inmates in prison in Sweden never read a book. According Gotland Theatre website (gotlandsteater) has the show been played around the country, mostly in schools, since 1982. All roles are played by Anders T Peedu, who in his text on the website says that language is power, and that the key to a meaningful life in a rich language. The show is thus much about language and about having a rich language, but also to a large extent on precisely the importance of reading books. A great idea I think, that this record appeared and I don't know what he says but he does it very entertaining.

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