Sunday, 29 March 2020

KIDDA BAND - Radio Caroline 7'' 2011

Formed in Nuneaton February 1976, this British powerpop band started as The Incredible Kidda Band (aka The Kidda Band) and they released their first 7'' on Psycho Records in 1978. Members of the band were unhappy with the work of producer "Des Dolan" and so both tracks were remixed at Utopia Studios on 11 May at 1978. Without much evident quality improvement, the band remained unhappy. The single was reviewed in Melody Maker on 15 July 1978 by the producer Tony Visconti: "Great!! A good record at last. Good solid beat and the group actually sings in tune. This could chart (as they say in the biz). They sound young but aren't quite punk or new wave. I commend them for keeping their sound strong, simple and uncluttered." On 31 August 1978, the band was signed to Carrere Records and the name was shortened to the Kidda Band. They released a series of other cool singles and in 1989 the band finally disbanded. During 2011, Last Laugh Records from New York began a series of releases of Kidda Band material including the unreleased 'Radio Caroline' and the 7'' was fast sold out. So here is this killer record with two heartbreakers.

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