Thursday, 14 March 2019

CRAZY - No Chance 1980

Before I fly to Milan tonight and cheer for the SGE a short stop in Switzerland and meet Crazy from Lucerne, formed 1979 by Urs (vocals), Rene (guitars), Tremp (bass) and Burri (drums) and they released the first independent Swiss Punk album which was recorded in a mere three days at the Sunrise Studios and the makers of the small Hamburg label Moderne Musik Tonträger became fans of the band so they released the record as well, both versions are very much sought nowadaysFourteen simple catchy '77 style smasher have they recorded and what can I say? Heart-refreshing melodic numbers, perfect length, glanderous voice and good lyrics packed in a small Heftschä, live always welcome. One more 12'' was also released in 1980 with four songs and in late 1982 or early 1983 the band broke up. Solid record... and now I must buy a few beers.


  1. Ich liebe das Album :)

    Viel Erfolg gegen Inter. Unsereins schaut das Match im TV.