Wednesday, 17 October 2018

TAISHO & OXYMORON - Limited Split Single 2001

Late in the evening one more cool slab from Disk Union/Knock Out Records, a split single with each two pieces by Taisho & ‎Oxymoron and how many are pressed is unknown to me. Taisho were a Japanese Oi!/Punk combo and active in the late 1990s-2000s. They released four 7Inches and two albums and they play a decent spirited mid-tempo street punk with non-english words and the booklet makes little sense because no one understands a damned line in the western civilization. Anyway, the music speaks to you. Oxymoron was a punk band whose members are originally from Erlangen and now live in Berlin. Formed 1992 by Sucker (vocals) and his cousin Björn (drums), along with two friends, Martin (guitar) and Filzlaus (bass). Their first real public performance was @ an annual punkrock festival in their hometown, along with other local bands. After the show, they were offered several slots as support acts for more established bands all over the world. They released six 7Inches and five albums. While not announcing an official breakup, the band has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2002, when Oxymoron announced: "In the near future you won't hear much from us. Oxymoron will have a break for a while! We'll let you know what's going on here, but first of all we definitely [need to] take some time off with the band." In 2005 they reported that "the band is still on ice." 2006 saw the release of somewhat new material in the Noize Overdose split EP with Bonecrusher. The EP contained previously unreleased tracks, along with live footage from a 1999 Hamburg, Germany concert. As of 2014, Oxymoron officially disbanded; their website being no longer active with a message simply stating, "Sorry u guys out there, Oxymoron doesn't exist anymore - it's up to you to keep the spirit alive!Okay, let's take care of that!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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