Wednesday, 31 October 2018

COPY CATS - Living In A Pumpkin 2003

One more pumpkin post with Frankfurt's Copy Cats at last with their first proper full-length album from 2003 and this 33 RPM kick all records of the Garage/Punk'N'Roll section and this sound brings you pretty close to a heart attack. They have two 7inches and a 10'' out and they keep the level very high. With their mix of powerful Rock'N'Roll and snotty catchy guitar sound they are live an absolute burner. I know what I'm talkin' about. The fun the four have on stage spills from the first note over and goes immediately into your veins, you can't help yourself and the pogo goes on. Of course, here again are some covers (Emergency, Who's That Girl?) and a few ballads, Silke is as always hot and the boys as well. To my knowledge, the band is still active, playing here and there a few gigs but unfortunately everyday life takes much time so that rehearse obviously is difficult for the four. Well, let's see what else follows. And now.... DFB cup!


  1. please for re upload the 10" vampirella EP