Saturday, 13 October 2018

ACTIFED - Dawn Of A Legion 12'' 1983

Now a record from a band I didn't know to date. The band is called Actifed and they are from London and this 12'' is their first release via Jungle Records and it's not really a punk slab. In the net are a few infos and they say this is gothic punk... hmmm, probably you can pack them in this drawer and maybe for this early time this sound was new and gothic was something new, they could also belong to the New Wave corner, anyway... the four songs are okay and this quartet, David Rogers (vocals & lead guitar), Clinton Grace (guitar), John Bristow (bass) and Stuart Hemphill (drums) offered some hope for gloom-rock in the early 80s, with their spiny, swiftly-paced Gothic punk suggesting that this particular genre didn't have to be completely out of touch with the modern world. There more info within and that's definitive all for today (by the way, great cover).

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Waiting for d beat and instead 4 cool numbers in a southern death cult style
    Thank you ( Fredrik included in my thanks )

  2. Actifed were part of the short lived "Positive punk" fad, Brigandage were the best band to come out of it.