Friday, 7 September 2018

ROUGH TRADE -s/t EP 1980

One more awesome punk band I can present you here is Rough Trade from Ålesund, Norway. They released this pretty self produced EP in 1980 and have been featured on compilations such Anarki & Kaos: Norsk Punk Vol.1 and Bloodstains Across Norway (coming soon). And if you like early scandinavian KBD sound then you will love this record. One side sung in native norwegian while the flip is held in english. Six numbers and they all have that dirty garage touch as I love it. The guys can play their instruments and what I like in particular is their flexibility. Fast Hardcore, Ska-elements and groovy '77 style crackers and even a live recording on this plate. Wow!! - Unfortunately track #3 is missing and should someone have it please send them. In 1994 the label Intense Heartbeat Records released a CD called Du Er En Dritt with all their recordings (twenty-one songs) and I will hear this, so feel free to drop me a mail. End of story!

- Extra Thx to Fredrik -


  1. 10 days without a post ? You're missing me man

    1. Monitor fucked up and I need a new one, it is unbearable to work like this when the colors are pink + blue.
      Patience, it will continue soon.....