Thursday, 16 August 2018

THE OPPRESSED! - Live 1984

A small live album by the Oppressed!, a skinhead band who hated what nazi politics was doing to the scene, formed 1981 in Cardiff, Wales. Most of the musicians in the band's various lineups have been skinheads. Throughout the band's career, the members (especially vocalist Roddy Moreno) openly expressed opposition to racism and fascism in their lyrics, interviews, on-stage comments and other actions. In 1989, Moreno visited New York City and met a few members of Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP). On his return to the United Kingdom, he started promoting SHARP ideals to British skinheads. The band has also had ties to other anti-racist groups, such as Anti-Fascist Action. Moreno is a Cardiff City F.C. supporter, and some of the band's songs express that support. The band has split and re-formed several times, the first occasion in 1984 after which Moreno focused on his record labels, Oi! Records and Ska Records for the remainder of the decade. Their most recent split was in 2006, but they re-formed in 2009, and continue performing today. The Oppressed 2013 line up featured, alongside Roddy Moreno on vocals and guitar, Paul Cobley on bass and Tony Kizmus on drums. This CD was released 1997 via Step-1 Music and has twelve classics in its luggage. FUCK FASCISM BEFORE IT FUCKS YOU!

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