Monday, 9 July 2018

LES CORONADOS - Rien (Dont Je N'Ai Besoin) EP 1982

Four piece from Paris with their debut EP, called the Les Coronados and they had become cults during their lifetime. Born in the middle of the 70's in Limoges on the benches of the National Superior School of Ceramics, Bernard and Dominique (guitars), Yves (bass) and Berko (drums) land in the 18th district of Paris and the quartet will remain faithful to its neighborhood and its rehearsal cellar throughout its existence. The first EP including three sung in French and one cover of Alex Chilton recorded "at home" and is the only weapon of Berko who found a job & leaving the group. Dilip joined as new drummer and operates from the second 45t which came 1983 with again three French and a Beefheart coverTheir aesthetic garage sound seduced fanzines and free radios, Les Thugs and Johnny Thunders want them as support. In 1984 they released their first record N'Importe Quoi on Romance Records which confirms that the rock dandies have a wild elegance plus crazy talent. This doesn't prevent Dominique leaving the group without any explanation. So it's this formation and it tooks over five years to release the second and great album Un Lustre via Accord. Yet sales doesn't follow despite a rave press review and the band brokpe up. Recommendation: Paink (French Punk Anthems 1977​-​1982) compilation. And now enjoy four wild garage goodies and tomorrow the first semi-final :)

- Great Thx to François -