Friday, 8 June 2018

O.T.H. - Musique Atteinte 7'' 1982

The CD's days are not over but today I have the passion to put some vinyl out and the last post on this sunny friday push us into beautiful France and there wait OTH, a five piece from Montpellier and they were formed 1978 by Jean-Michel Poisson (vocals, guitar & harmonica), Domi + Motch (guitars), Beubeu (drums) and Phil (bass). The name of OTH comes from the British phrase "On Tent Hook", meaning literally "On Hot Coals". They make their first appearances on stages in Germany, France & Spain and on this occasion they record 1981 a demo called Classé X in an edition of 200 copies. They make the front page of France-Soir by organizing a pirate concert in front of the prefecture of Montpellier to protest the lack of concert halls. In 1982 they participates in a rock springboard, finishes second and wins a recording and they released their first single Musique Atteinte via RCA. Although the record was a little success, the members have conflicting relationships with the record company and O.T.H. breaks its contract to invest in an independent way. Gig & festivals with groups (Camera Silens, Single Track, The Degraded Mouse etc..) followed and a loyal fan base arised1984 the first album Reussite was released without any promotion and OTH multiplies the concerts and produces a first video as well as a live tape Coeur Et Cuir. Two years later the second album Sur Des Charbons Ardents came out and demonstrates that their music matures and the lyrics are edited with agility, humor and sustained violence, and so it went on, many gigs were played, singles and albums released and after a tour in 80 French cities the band finally, after thirteen years of existence, separated in 1991. By way of farewell the band recorded a last live album, Un Dernier Pour La Rue, and released it via New Rose Records in 1992. 1995 a compilation called Anarchives comes out via Last Call Records/Arcade Music Company with fourteen smashers new remixed. So many words but now you are well informed and I'm sending you into weekend.

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