Thursday, 3 May 2018

THE DARK - The Living End 1982

Second and last output by The Dark, a quartet from Islington, on Fallout Records and this captures the band playing their last ever gig (June 1982). Allow me a short info from PunkyGibbonFormed in late 1978, it took them a year or so to hit their stride. Their first lineup - John Flannagan (vocals), Billy O'Neil (guitar), Phil Langham (bass) and Jim Kane (drums) - lasted long enough to play just two gigs and record a demo. At this point Andy Riff (ex-Rotting Klits and The Suspects) joined on rhythm guitar and O'Neil played lead. The Rotting Klits had played a total of eight gigs (including several with Menace) and The Suspects had played four. After a few 7Inches they recorded the outlandishly Chemical Warfare album which is my opinion a Top UK punk record and everybody should have heard that and also the Captain Oi! compilation The Best Of The Dark ('95) with all their recordings, awesome.

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