Friday, 25 May 2018

SUBWAY - Jesus Loves Me 7'' 1978

Subway was a band from Groningen I think. Their first apperance was a song on the Keihard En Swingend! compilation in 1978. One year later they released this killer 7'' with two tracks on No Fun. After a majestic church intro starts Jesus Loves Me and the fuzzy guitars are awesome. These guys master their instruments and like the Nitwitz they play cool punk'n'roll. One year later they made a second slab in form of a mini-LP called One Way Subway on Universe Productions and this tops the 7Inch double. The band can be found on numerous compilations, the two best in my opinion Killed By Epitaph ('98) and Killed By Death #24 ('99). In February 1983, the group finally took leave at the My Generation festival.

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