Sunday, 27 May 2018

NOT FOR SALE - A Few Dollars More EP 1984

Well, Madrid has won the CL again with lots of support by Karius who caught a raven-black day, too bad, but I think not quite undeserved. Musically we start today with Not For Sale, a three piece from Houston/Texas (Mike/bass & vocals, Howard/guitar & vocals and Scott/drums) and is sort of a garage pop outfit with punky sentiments. They have political lyrics and a certain aggressiveness, but the clean guitar sound and bouncy songs lessen their overall impact. There's three songs included & the EP by Rabid Cat Records is fucking great and is played very competently. In 1986 they released their only album called NFS and maybe one of you sends me that, I would like to hear. On compilations little represented, except on the Cottage Cheese From The Lips Of Death from 1983.

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  1. Thanks Vill-demone!
    I have the st LP from 86 posted but link is down. Leave a comment at DU blog if you need it.