Sunday, 27 May 2018

COSMIC PSYCHOS - Slave To The Grave 1989

A long day at the fucking computer is coming to an end and I crown it with one of my favorite bands: the Cosmic Psychos and this twelve track CD was recorded @ the Palace/Melbourne in June 1989, released via Rattlesnake Records and who doesn't know this album: Grab it!! One of the best live albums all the time: a milestone/masterpiece/a orgasm and a damn whole effusion. The sound & the song selection plus the cover artwork are absolutely brilliant. The clean recording of the songs makes them so fresh & intensive that I can't sit still. Lead Me Astray, Can't Come In, Decadence, Rip & Dig, Back In Town + Lost Cause (to name a few) are KILLER and belong to the best punk songs I ever heard and who can sit still on his damn chair is dead. This release is a revelation. I wonder why I post this classic not earlier? Hmm... anyway, do you wanna dance and need some more music then you must, I repeat MUST!, click this orange fucking stud and get more fast, loud, delicious Aussie landmines; not more, not less!!! And now: Go on stage you three male top models and you enjoy the gig!

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