Saturday, 26 May 2018

ADIEXODO - .38 1986

A small in-between post while I continue ripping CDs and did I mention that the SGE defeated the fucking FC Bayern? Hell Yeah, what a glorious weekend last Saturday, the referee was exhausting but made the right decisions and the fighting heart of the team was rewarded, a bit of luck, but that's part of it. Exat thirty years later, the trophy is back home. OK, we visit Athens and meet Adiexodo with their last slab on Enigma Records, released in 1986 released in 1986 and shortly the band broke up the same year. Sotiris (vocals) and Dimitris (guitars) met @ the "Dragon Fly", a historical hangout of the time in Athens, and search for members to start a band and they met Stathis (drums) and Mimis (bass) and Adiexode began rehearsing in February 1983, with borrowed instruments, improvised amplifiers, hand-made guitar effects and a stolen stream they mix the zero-rated, angry Greek verse with their characteristic chaotic soundWith a raw and aggressive music style and nihilist lyrics, through some line-up changes they carried on until late 1986, playing numerous gigs all around Greece. Enjoy the fuzzy sound and I'm looking forward to the Champions League final and hope Liverpool wins.

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  1. ♪♫ Deutscher Pokalsieger! Deutscher Pokalsieger! Deutscher Pokalsieger, SGE! ♪♬