Friday, 20 April 2018

WARFARE - Total Death EP 1985

I'm ripping at the moment the first solo album by Evo which is called Warfare and was released via High Roller Records and it's a nice appearance and Evo is probably better known to you as drummer/singer of the Newcastle Metalpunx Warfare, which made in the 80's some great records on Neat Records and that's why I choose this little four track EP as next post. What should I tell you? I always like to remember a festival with four bands in a gym in Frankfurt 1986 and it was fantastic, Warfare was the last act and thirty people were left, simply the real Hardcores. The band threw cucumber juice and the pogo usually ended up on the ass, I never experienced anything like that and I was young and enjoyed it very much. Those who were there at the time can remember what I'm talking about; yes yes, the good old days. Don't miss the Crescendo Of Reflections compilation with old songs in a new dress ('91). And now off to the weekend!

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