Wednesday, 25 April 2018

SYDKRAFT - s/t LP 1979

Next request now: Before Sydkraft release their only album they shot the 7Inch Surfway 1978 as small tidbit out and both tracks decorate the album with eleven more lost nuggets and the range goes from powerpop to reggae and snotty punkrock numbers. Not the typical KBD style, rather highly variable and I must confess a few fillers are also there but that's okay. I guess the band's lifetime was short and not represented on compilations, that says a lot. Massproduktion changed this 2015 with the ingenious Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol.3 & 4 records and both have a lot more to offer from the Swedish provinceNot a bad record, but even no burner.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

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