Monday, 9 April 2018


Second EP from this Danish combo from Sønderborg with four songs, two from their brilliant debut album 'Swell' and the flip has two live songs which were recorded at Roskilde Festival 1995 and only on this Bitch. I don't know why this band received little resonance internationally, one reason for that may Nirvana were that time the non-plus-ultra in this genre and everyone just listened to their music, on the other hand probably no one looked at the little Denmark and therefore, attention was covered. My girlfriend that time was deeply rooted in Denmark and recorded some of the band's songs on tape for me (I liked them instantly) and then in our vacation in Odense I had the opportunity to buy some albums. And each is a small masterpiece. Psyched Up Janis at home in the typical grunge section, loud & just as hard then Seattle (not so adapted) and their first self-financed EP I Died In My Teens was released in 1995 and one year later this one here. Overall they released five albums and in 1999 the band was history. I can only recommend to buy their albums, each is worth the Euros. Jakob Jørgensen (bass) later formed the band Knallert. Martin Bjerregaard (drums) toured and recorded with Australian punk-band The Saints and later joined the band Racetrack Babies. Sune (vox & guitars) has played with surf-band Tremelo Beer Gut and occasionally with Sort Sol. In 2002 he presented his new band The Raveonettes with Sharin Foo. Excellent record from an excellent Combo - Get It!!

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