Tuesday, 17 April 2018

OSLO XI - Morgen Stemning EP 1980

Another classic EP from a band I can't find no further info but I guess they're from Oslo and this is their debut via Blått Øre Music and it's a nice one. Not so punky as the other raw & killer bands from this country but all four songs have a solid heavy rocking tempo, all sung in native norwegian so what more can you expect? - Puhhh, I'm still tired and in three hours starts my day in the office with strenuous people, Yippieh.. - In 1982 they released an album called Stikk Finger'n I Jorda and no compilation injections. So get this little piece of history and start the download.

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  1. Yes, mate that band´s from Oslo and they were (L>R in pix) Øyvind Sætra, guitar, vocals, most of the writing, Kyrre Oddvang, guitar, Sverre Saabye, bass, and Tore Oddvang, drums.

    They had their rehearsal space in Tore´s basement which was in the old post zone Oslo 11, hence the name, and three bandmembers lived there, too. Most of the material was written by Øyvind Sætra and later Arild Rønsen contributed with som good songs you can find on the album.

    They gigged for about 3 years but kept their dayjobs, in 81 Kyrre Oddvang left and keyboardist Arild Rønsen came aboard, in 82/83 it sort of simmered down, the guys started studying and some joined other bands as well.

    In the nineties they joined forces again, new members came and went, but the material from this EP and the LP you mentioned was never again played.