Thursday, 8 March 2018


Decent Skinhead stuff by two classic Oi! bands and this record is a MUST in your sorted record collection. First Tolbiac's Toads, formed in Paris May 1982 and dissolved in 1994. The name Tolbiac's Toads comes from the nickname given by the inhabitants of Tolbiac where are members of the group from because the area was built on swamp where there were many toads and local skinheads wearing a bomber almost all green, like the skin of toads. They released a few 7inches and a mini compilation album. Snix was formed 1982 in Lille and they were considered one of the first and most classic Oi! bands that came out of France. They released four albums and this split EP on their own record label in an edition of 1000 copies. A short review: "Tolbiac's Toads present two cool tracks, one in a more melodic and catchy Britpunk style, the other in a thrash-meets-13th Floor Elevators-meets-Blurt style that's quite unusual. Snix's pair are more predictable, but also well done, in an Oi style. Two up-and-coming French bands." - Tim Yohannan (Maximum Rocknroll #21, January 1985) I only say all four songs be mind-blowing and it was a good idea to put both bands on one record. Oi! Oi! Oi!


  1. The toads were probably the most interesting french oi band
    The singer Bruno was homosexual and claimed his sexual preference in its lyrics
    Not a bonehead not a redskin never been rejected by the french street punk community even by the clearly neo nazi bands like Legion 88 and Evil skin
    Ps thank you for the bunch of obscurities you sent me
    Ps PSG is a squad of sissies

    1. mercí for the info François and yes PSG is a troupe of sleepyheads

  2. by anychance can you post the first ep please?