Friday, 2 March 2018

STRESS* - s/t LP 1982

RRR 10 is STRESS*, founded 1979 in Schleswig by Thorsten (vocals), Wolfgang (bass), Carsten (guitars) and Jürgen (drums) and it's not easy to describe a review. Well, for all those who like the early punk slabs of the Cologne Rock-O-Rama label (me too but there is also crap) is this album worth listening, good lyrics and musically okay. Others say the record is only boring and I quote: This record is positively laid back, the worst possible attribute for a hardcore release, the songs themselves don't show much promise, either. There are rare glimpses of potential, but they never develop into anything substantial (KFTH). I mean, the songs were recorded thirty-five years ago and don't have to hide behind today's shit called D-Punk. I think the spirit of the early days is missing and sure, I can't compare that to today, I know that too, but I think punk today has become too commercial and the music often sounds the same. Well, I'm not interested in it anyway and who gives a shit about my thoughts? Enough stupid words: the wimpy recording is fantastic, the songs nasty & refreshing, cool cover = galactic album! - For risks and side effects contact a toilet, a psychiatrist you trust or a well-tempered drink, your choice.


  1. antik doch gut

  2. I disliked this album when I first heard it but it grew on me