Friday, 23 February 2018

VOXPOP - 2 1981

Here is the second record, also appeared on Genlyd Records, by this Danish powerpop combo Voxpop with their charmin' singer Elizabeth. On the debut album the punk factor was more intense while the pop sound on this slab is more in the foreground. The songs so therefore rippling past me with little inspiration and no real highlight. I don't know why the power, freshness and enthusiasm from the debut album were not continued. As if the band made a deal with a major so the songs sound. I mean, if you listen to their first album and compare that with this then you're disappointed. At least I feel that way. Reminds me a little of the fourth album by the Upstarts "Still From The Heart", you know. The statutory concept album that broke off my feet. Maybe was the case here. - Well, the band prove talent and maybe it was changed with their third album.

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