Friday, 9 February 2018

V/A - Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia 1997

After renewing some Bloodstains posts I add another gem of this series, this time with massive hits from Ex-Yugoslavia, we stay also on the Mediterranean Sea, the place I love and now would to be. Today it gets very frosty again and I hate winter but maybe this hot compilation helps with twenty two glowing stars to get my engine started, who knows? Fact is, today is Friday, soon is weekend, I drink a delicious caramel coffee and I'm amazingly fit. To the slab not much: the créme de la créme of early Yugo-bands are here together and the song selection is quite superb and by using the search function you'll find plenty records of the bands (sure not online anymore, ask for a re-upp). The bike remains in the closet, subway preferred. Wish everyone a nice weekend!!

1.Bolje Da Nosim Kratku Kosu - PEKINŠKA PATKA 
3.Lepi In Prazni - PANKRTI 
4.Moj Život Je Novi Val - PARAF 
6.Grad Izobilja - PROBLEMI 
7.Vremenska Prognoza - TERMITI 
8.Smej Sei - KUZLE 
9.Ostan Idiot! - KUZLE 
10.Vahid - KUZLE 
11.Vkoto Sveta - BULDOGI 
12.100 Db - INDUST BAG 
13.TV (Ecerna Revolucija) - LUBLANSKA - PSI 
14.Bila Je Tako Lijepa - PEKINŠKA PATKA 
15.Visokotiražni Mir - PARAF 
16.T Kao Krava - PARAF 
17.Kruha In Iger - PANKRTI 
18.Jest Sem Na Liniji - PANKRTI 
19.Sedemnajst - PANKRTI 
20.Ja Sam Mladić U Najboljim Godinama - PRLJAVO KAZALIŠTE 
21.Kratkovidi Magarac - PEKINŠKA PATKA 
22.Kontracepcija - PEKINŠKA PATKA

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  1. O.M.G. It's like a whole planet of punk waiting to upload in my ears.