Sunday, 18 February 2018

SEKAANNUS - Eksyneet EP 1987

Sekaannus (Confusion) was a punk band from Virrat and they were active 1983-1989 and again in 2008. The band was founded by four high school graduates early 1983 but quickly the bass player went. So Ari (vocals), Hate (guitar) and Sami (drums) started through and played first gigs, a short time later Juha joined as new singer and Ari moved to the bass. A demo was recorded 1984 and together with their friends Massacre they combine their money and released the first vinyl EP called 19??, three songs per band and the result is fast-paced hardcore with limited playing skills, and 300 copies were pressed. 'Kutsu' followed one year later and the music became a step slower but still okay. 1987 Hate left and was replaced by Mikko and this line-up recorded the brilliant Eksyneet EP, released via Stigma and Häkkinen is perhaps the most famous song of the band. Three solid mid-tempo Finnish geysers, highly recommend. The last studio album came 1988 (again on Stigma) called "Minä Ja Hän" with seven goodies. The band decided to make their expression simpler, resulting was a straightforward Hardcore tape recorded in Salo 1989 but is still unpublished. Also represented on compilations, mostly tapes from the 80s. During their six-year history Sekaannus played 30-40 gigs, the last of which was be played @ Puntala in summer of 1989.

2008 the band was re-activated and released two years later a new split EP with Abortti 13 and a split album again with Massacre. Ari (bass), Hate (vox + guitar on the EP), Juha (vocals), Sami (guitars) and Mikko (drums) play some gigs after their reunion and are back full in juice. More new songs are available as digital downloads somewhere.

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