Tuesday, 6 February 2018

P.F. COMMANDO - Svenne Pop 1978 + Nu Ska Vi Ha Kul 1980

No big surprise now because Sweden is blessed with brilliant punk bands and P.F. Commando from Gävle prove it now with their two EP's. Excellent catchy music which I can listen to again and again. Everything's just right: sound, tempo, voice! As good as it gets! The band was created by Sonny Jansson and Janne Ricknell and they were one of the first swedish punkbands that recorded an album called Manipulerade Mongon and came out 1979. At the same time they were featured on the compilation "Nä Nu Gävlar". During their existence they release two more albums, Jag Är En Duva (1981) and "In A Pose" (recorded 1979 and released in 1997). Excellent music!

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  1. In A Pose (live), get it here: