Monday, 26 February 2018

DAILY TERROR - Schmutzige Zeiten 1982

Yesterday, the election for the Mayor in Frankfurt was held and the privilege of democracy gives me the opportunity to vote and of course I was there but I don't give a damn about politics, stupid rules, ridiculous bureaucracy, ambiguous decisions, who needs that anyway? Nobody! We need a place to live, in freedom & with our rules. And with the sound of Daily Terror we come a bit closer to Anarchy. Their debut album was groundbreaking for me and is still a damn classic record: direct, offensive & emotional: Klartext! packed in fourteen anecdotes. Pedder (vocals), Ebbi (guitars), Heiko (bass) & Frank (drums) recorded this brilliant slab. Their first vinyl appearance was on the legendary Soundtracks Zum Untergang compilation in 1980, followed by the BS-Punx EP on No Fun Records and finally the deal with Karl's label Aggressive Rockproduktionen brought us four essential irreplaceable albums. After AGR many more slabs were recorded but I find no access and lost interest. Well, I keep the band as an important part of my life in my heart and don't get tired of enjoying their early statements. As well need their second album Aufrecht from 1984. Deutsche Wertarbeit, can't call it anything else!


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