Saturday, 6 January 2018

TUMOR CIRCUS - s/t LP 1991

I think this is the 3rd collaboration of Jello Biafra with other musicians and for Tumor Circus he found members of Steel Pole Bath Tub and Grong Grong and they release two 7Inches and one album and in this file are everything in. Musically, it's pretty noisy and to the typical driving sound shines Jello's psychedelic voice how's only he can bring it over and for this project are the suitable members on boardI got the slab donated by a friend and of course I was equally enthusiastic because I know almost all things but Tumor Circus (great band name) was completely new to me, "Fireball" or "Calcutta A-Go-Go" are brilliant songs and the fulminate sluggish fifteen minutes "Turn Off The Respirator" at the end summarizes the whole theatrics of the songs/words in one piece. I'm sure, do you didn't know the record yet you will love it. Regrettably Charles Tolnay (guitars) passed away 15th September 2017, so give him the honor!