Friday, 26 January 2018


The early Limburg scene was pretty lively, although the number of bands was limited. From Eijgelshoven came The Spoilers, founded in the summer of 1978. After a performance in a local audience Toek joins the band from Heerlen. From shows in Heerlen given environment and the band reaps fast a small but fanatical fan base from places like Brunssum, Kerkrade and Maastricht. In 1979, a punk festival which both Limburgs acts Mort Subite, The Spoilers plus The Neon Kids, Fast Eddie & The Heart Attacks was very successful and the Ear Music Magazine reports about this gig with a picture of The Spoilers printed and Hubert van Hoof wrote a positive review. Toek left the band in late 1979, he moved to Amsterdam. At the end of their existence they released this split EP with Mort Subite from Maastricht on their own label fries. The last performance was on April 30, 1981 Eijgelshoven in Program of Ivy Green. Mort Subite were from Maastricht and released two EP's and that's all I found from them. At least this is a awesome EP and if you love KBD punk stuff you should't waste time and get this holy stuff and don't miss the Killed By Epitaph compilation for more nederland goodies.


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