Friday, 1 December 2017

HASS - ... Allein Genügt Nicht Mehr 1981

So that no one falls asleep, I pack out a classic. We look back in 1978, the year which Hass was founded by Steffi (vocals), Jan (bass), Hektor (guitars) and B.A.P. (drums) in Marl and they were known for their direct lyrics against everything that annoys us. First noises were banned on the grandiose Soundtracks Zum Untergang compilation and in 1981 they released their first EP, better known as Rocker (listen here), as self production and a few weeks later this brilliant debut album via H'art Musik with fourteen smasher follows on. A milestone of German subculture in my eyes: rough, brutal, honest & dirty, their best record. All in all they released nine albums and five EP's and on many compilations represent. Hass disbanded in 2001 but in November 2013 they announced their reunification and the last call was 2014 with the 'Kacktus' album on Aggressive Punk Produktionen and a tour through Germany rounded off the life of Hass intoxicating. I saw them live in 1990 or 1991 I think, in Frankfurt/Nibelungenschule with Molotow Soda and another local band and I remember this evening very well, it was cold like now and it was a highlight because cool gigs were rare in the 90s. Hass was and is still part of my grubby punk life, Thanks!

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