Tuesday, 14 November 2017

V/A - Go Ahead Make My Day/Smashing Odds Ness 2 1989

We stay fast, dirty, rough and aggressive and move to the east in our beautiful world and make stop in Japan. Odds Ness Records released this magnificent compilation with nine combos and immortalized twenty-four "Fuck You" trashers in the typical scream-melodic-wacky land of the rising sun style. Most of the bands have a few releases out and as always with Far East bands very rare and hardly available here in Europe. That's why compilations are made that bring us closer to the stuff through small labels or distributions (or via www). The first volume was released as an EP in 1987 with eight nuggets. Together, all fit on a CD. I think it's time for breakfast.

1.Change - F.V.K.
2.A Rumor-Monger - F.V.K.
3.Keep On Thinking - F.V.K.
4.Misunderstanding - F.V.K.
5.Wind Of Pain - BASTARD
6.(Not!) Weak Persons - DON DON
7.Final Terror - DON DON
8.Damn Christians - SIC
9.Easy Tube Selfish - SIC
10.Because I Hate You - SIC
11.Song Of Hope - SIC
12.New Song Today - SIC
13.童夢 - COMPLETE
14.108 - COMPLETE
15.Dark Street - SICILIAN BLOOD
17.The Matter - SWEATS
18.Weight Around - SWEATS
19.Seized Fear - SWEATS
21.Over The War...? - ASBESTOS
22.Fall Down - IDORA
23.Empty - IDORA
24.Communication Break Down - IDORA

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