Saturday, 4 November 2017


I'm a bit lazy to write so I quote the info from Fanboy Records that I can seamless underline: "Wow, I hadn't thought old auntie '77 punk rock could be still that sexy. The Shocks, Berlin's well acclaimed answer to the Briefs, and comming outta Bremen it's the Shakin' Nasties, together on one hell of a split 7". Each band snotting out two little ditties, wich damn sure will proof, that, what we got at hand here, are simply two of Germanys hottest Punk Rock bands arround! The Shakin' Nasties, a Bremen based band (I go for alliterations), burst boldly into two punk smashers, featuring Jasper Hood's unmistakeable high frequency moaning. The Shocks are well known for their minimalistic retro -'deutschpunk', far beyond the city limits of Berlin. On this record they switch to english with two remarkeably cool tracks – sounds like they've never done anything else! A version of The Saint's 'Private Affair' and their own sweet little Rock'N'Stalinist." Four garage bad ass kickin' cookies which will amaze everyone.

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