Thursday, 19 October 2017

V/A - Tour De Farce #3 1989

This is the final Tour compilation which was created by eMpty Records and what's on it is quite delicious. Punk Rock from around the whole world listen to it here and this exotic explosive mixture provides atmospheric change and makes clear that music eliminate all the language barriers. I mean, this makes drinking too, whether in Greece, Angola or Hawaii, hold your glass high, waving over and you learn to know each other and have a good time - drinking connects! - the music itself we have a brilliant mix of HC/punk/punk rock and a little bit obscure sounds, mostly unreleased tracks to date and for me one of the best international punk compilations. Indispensable and belongs in every underground household. And now it's time for the first Franziskaner, Cheers!

1.Second Coming - DEAD ENDS
2.Medo - CÒLERA
3.Policia De Interven? - CRISE TOTAL
4.Reculeo - NO
5.We Don't Need It - WAMPAKU JUNKIES
6.Boring Town - CATHOLIC CULT
7.Demonic Possession - PENTAGRAM
8.Puerco Policia - ATOXXXICO
9.Jesus Pte. Ltd. - OPPOSITION PARTY
10.La Tua Torte Non Aspetta - WRETCHED
11.Le Meilleur Des Mondes - SS 20
12.Sociedad En Decadencia - ATAQUE FRONTAL
13.Chinese Title - BLACKBIRD
14.Everything Could Be Surrounded By The Fog - REJESTRACJA
15.Ala Tun - ZAGA BOX
16.Zlatej Kriz - PRECEDENS
17.Wie Ratten - RALF LEXIS
18.Bensin Skrimslid Skridut - S.H. DRAUMUR
19.Set The Cuckoo-Bird Free - DOC WÖR MIRRAN
21.Hyde Park - THE APOSTLES
23.Leipzig In Trümmern - L'ATTENTAT
24.Street Chant Improvisation - DOK PUNK ROCK

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