Friday, 29 September 2017

V/A - Papi, Queens, Reichkanzlers & Presidennti EP 1982

Weekend, Juhuu!! and we start with a fine compilation from Attack Punk Records with seven European bands. Irah from Bologna opens the musical breakfast with a five minute stomper, a good start for my taste, which the Bristolians Total Chaos seamlessly continue, only a bit faster and 5° Braccio from Turin close the logo side with a typical Italian two minute firecracker. The black side kick off with Berlins Stromsperre which give us a minute finest German hardcore, followed by Kaaos from Tampere who say just as fast good day. Once again Bologna where Sottocultura at home and they shoot sharp, caution! Kollettivo from Turin finish our small cruise with a delicious cheese sandwich. Now you know! 

1.Fotti Il Sistema - IRAH
2.Revolution Part 10 - TOTAL CHAOS
3.Mai Più Tortura - 5° BRACCIO
5.Isänmaalliset - KAAOS
7.Lotta Per Il Potere - KOLLETTIVO

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