Sunday, 24 September 2017

THE MARPLOTS - Front City Living 1986

One more rare piece of wax of German punk culture comes from the Marplots, active from 1984-1986 and formed by Fred (vocals + guitar), Max (guitar), Knut (bass) and Helmi (drums) in Berlin and about them is not really much known. Apart from the bass player, all band members originally came from Bavaria and moved to Berlin in early 1980. They are musically often compared with the Dutch hardcore punk band B.G.K. - Bombenterror (the song can be found on the great compilation Alter! Das Albumwas the first record by the band with four nuggets and was released 1985 via the small Pogar label in a circulation of 900 copies. The album Front City Living followed one year later over the short-lived label Sasquatsch Wax Enterprises with fourteen excellent goodies and both records of the band are today sought collector objects. Enjoy this cool slab and to all German maniacs: I hope you give off your vote at today's lottery because attractive prizes are awarded.

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