Monday, September 11, 2017

THE HYNKELS - s/t EP 2004

Puh, yesterday was a chillin' one and I was not able to do anything. To the post: "We're Not A Part Of The Industry!“ is on the back of the one & only impressive EP (limited to 500) by this short lived band from Vienna. The Quartet is also very D.I.Y. and spits five awesome punk tunes between US Hardcore and early UK punk out my speakers. So the best ingredients are scattered! Simple structure content with a statement: "1-2 Fuck You!" and I love lyrics like this. The Hynkels can totally convincing. With humor and an adequate garage sound the band leaves all the mainstream scrap behind. So shall Punk Rock! Note: Unauthorised non-commercial public performances, broadcasting & copying welcomed! And so here it is: recommended....real honest.

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