Thursday, 14 September 2017

EXPLOSIVES - Come Clean EP 1979

One fine vinyl today and we drive back to Austin/Texas and meet the Explosives: Fred (drums + vocals), Cam (guitars + vocals) and Waller (bass + vocals) and they released their debut EP on their own label Black Hole Records and playing a few shows with old pals Al and John. On this recordings Tom was used as an additional guitarist and a second Strat, of course, amplifies the catchy rhythm of the four even more and I don't know how I come to this band. I discover many new bands via the Killed By Death, Bloodstains or other  compilations but this three piece had no detective on his radar... until now. Wait, there's one record: Live At Raul's from 1979 and they place two grandiose tartlet. After two more 7Inches their first album Restless Natives comes out on Ready Go Records and shortly thereafter the band broke up to my knowledge. Records with Roky Erickson followed but they lost the powerpop/punky roots of their early days. Now I still don't know how I came to the Explosives?? - Anyway, Come Clean is a decent record and all four ciggys kick the yellow out of the egg.... for sure!!

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